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Mitten Fitness Strength
Mitten Fitness Strength

Mitten Fitness Strength is perfect for everyone, from competitive lifters looking for a supportive environment to the beginner looking to become more competent with a barbell. This program is also a great complement for athletes looking to improve technique and increase volume.

What to Expect

We offer a written program based on attendance (2, 3, 4 days a week) and on the individual member’s strengths and weaknesses. Athletes may complete their training at any time during open gym. Additionally, dedicated Barbell classes are available each week and personalized coaching can be scheduled with a strength coach to complete training program.


Meet with a coach who will assess your current skill level. Beginners may require Foundations or additional coaching, in order to lift independently.

$125 for 4 week program

Barbell Programming


Unlimited Mitten Fitness Membership

(Includes access to all programs and open gym)

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